Why Buy Alexandrite Jewelry?

Alexandrite is a variety of the mineral Chrysoberyl and is known for its color changing properties. Among the many spectacular precious and semi precious stones that our Earth has provided us with, Alexandrite is one of the few which possesses the ability to show different colors in different lights. It is this reason why so many people choose to buy alexandrite jewelry over the more conventional diamond, ruby and emerald based jewelry.

History of alexandrite stone:

Most precious and semi precious gems have a long history behind them. Alexandrite who’s discovery goes back a mere 150 years, has already earned a distinct lore and has become a source of admiration. Alexandrite was named after the Russian Tzar, Alexander II because it was for the first time discovered in the Ural mountains of Russia. Later on it was also discovered in North India and Brazil. Alexandrite became very popular in Russia and was gradually introduced to the world market where it was quickly recognized for its color changing properties.

Some important facts about alexandrite:

As said above Alexandrite is a relatively new stone and chances are that you are not fully aware of its significance; here it is in a nutshell:

· It is also known as the birthstone of June

· Alexandrite is commonly called as the Friday’s stone

· One stone can reflect a variety of colors depending upon the light. For instance the Alexandrite from the Ural mountains of Russia exhibits green color in day light and red in incandescent light.

· It is a rare crystaline form of Chrysoberyl.

The fact that it is thought to be rare coupled with its remarkable and unique color changing properties have led it to be among the pricier gemstones of today. Those who buy real alexandrite jewelry however have said that the extra cost is worth it.

Significance of alexandrite: Ever since its discovery, Alexandrite has been considered to be of high value. Alexandrite is considered to be a symbol of good luck and fortune and carries a lot of weight in Astrology. In Russia, it denotes good omen. Alexandrite not only brings good luck but it is also known for bringing joy in the lives of people who wear it. This stone is also said to be a mark of romance and love and people who wear alexandrite jewelry are considered to be more romantic than others. All in all, you really cannot go wrong with Alexandrite jewelry. If you do not know where to start looking then do a Google search on it and you will be surprised at the number of options that you will come across.