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DirecTV vs DISH: Which One is


When you first look at them, the 2 primary satellite TV firms  appear quite similar. However, by taking a closer look, you will realize there are quite a few significant differences among them. Here’s a Dish Network review site and a DirecTV review site that highlights more of the differencex. Motion Picture TV Channels The 2 service providers provide thirty-one movie TV channels from Cinemax, Showtime, HBO & Starz. The fees for Cinemax, Starz, and Showtime begin at $13 each month while that of HBO at $16. Programming DISH Network offers 320 TV channels in total, whereas DirecTV offers 265 TV channels in their pack. The satellite television channels from DISH and DirecTV both include multiple categories like news, movies, network broadcasts, sports events, weather, reality TV shows, foreign channels & special interest shows. The fees of DIRECTV begin at $29.99 monthly and includes a pack of 140 channels, including popular local TV channels like NBC, ABC, Fox, CW & CBS channel. The program rates for DISH Network begin at $24.95 that includes a pack of 190 channels like CBS, NBC, ABC, etc. Streaming Videos Streaming video service are the newest technological development in the satellite TV system. With streaming videos, you are able to enjoy TV shows & movies on your television, PC, smart phone, as well as laptop. With DirecTV, you can enjoy almost 10k steaming videos while DISH has almost 25k streaming videos on offering. Music Services DIRECTV offers nine Sonic-Tap Music TV channels along with 56-XM Satellite-Radio stations. On the other hand, DISH offers 64 Sirius-XM Satellite radio channels along with 52 Music Channels. PPV Features PPV allows you to enjoy latest moves sent directly to your Set Top Box receiver. Hence, you can watch a movie without requiring to visit a video store for having it. For as little as $3.99, you can rent a latest film from DirecTV service that offers 60 movies each month. DISH, on contrary, offers 75 motion films each month, along with Sports Plus Special shows, starting at just $3.99 per movie. Network Equipment DirecTV offers a free satellite television system in up to four rooms for each house in addition to free setup of the system, whereas DISH provides a free satellite TV connected in as many as six rooms of each house once you order their digital service. Both offer you the option to upgrading the receiver system in order to enjoy HD picture quality and a DVR receiver which lets you record various TV shows. Besides, there is also a combination both the receivers for enjoying HD as well as DVR service. Customer Service If you come across any issues with the service, or have any queries about how to use it, both DISH and DirecTV offer a 24hr Toll Free Number & an online consumer help desk that assists you whenever required. Final Words: Talking of equipment, the receivers and dishes of both DISH & DirecTV are of almost same design & quality. But, we found DISH’s program manual & remote control to be more easy to use as opposed to that of DirecTV. Talking of programming features, DirecTV has a lot more sports TV channels, including NFL Sunday Ticket, whereas DISH offers you with the most music, international shows, movies & pay-per-view shows.
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