4 Best Ab Workout Tips – How To Get Hard Rock Six Pack Abs Fast!

People often ask me. What type of weight lifting routine should I follow? How many times I should weight lifting during a week/month? What is the appropriate amount of time to train with weights?

Well, here’s my 4 best ab workout tips, what you should follow in your routines to help you to burn stomach fat and get strong six pack abs fast.

1. Stop doing hundreds of ab exercises every day

This is the first mistake, where the most people will fall when they first thinking about to burn fat from the abs. Instead, you should follow a regular exercises, like dead lift, squats and press movements. Train your abs no more than 3 times a week and don’t waste all your time doing an endless crunch or sit-ups, the total time of training your abs should take about maximum 30min a week. (10min per workout)

2. Learn the correct technique first

You could waste all your time for nothing.. And in return, you will get a terrible back pain, for example if you perform ab crunches with incorrect technique. Consult with your personal trainer or with experienced people first if you are unsure. I had gained most of the results by asking from more experienced people.

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