Muscle Building Tips the Big Dogs Use

Really, you want to use these muscle building tips if you want to get to your goal as soon as possible. Don’t think you’ve heard it all before – these are the tips that the big dogs use. Read this if you want to quit with excuses and get serious.

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The name of the game – listen up – is intensity. Jabba the Hut from Star Wars never trained intensely. He’s a slug. To train with intensity is to do a set until you can’t keep proper form – you need to exhaust your muscles. If you can complete the entire set with full reps, then that isn’t challenging your muscles to grow.

The next of the muscle building tips is to keep stepping up the game by increasing the weight. You will never progress in your muscle building if you don’t do this. A few pounds here and there add up over a year, and you’ll see it.

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On the opposite end of the spectrum is giving your muscles time to rest, repair and build up in a period of “recovery.” Resting your muscles means to never work out the same ones twice in a row – give them a day to recover. Otherwise, you’ll over train them.

Although every set and rep needs to be intense, you shouldn’t be in the gym over an hour by most accounts. This can be a sign of too much rest between sets – and you want to push your body to exhaustion. Too much rest in the gym is not intense training.

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