Three Major Blogging Techniques For The Newbie Marketer

For the Network Marketer, Blogs are a very powerful tool to use in building your list. There are various methods and avenues that can be exploited with this but here are the 3 top techniques that can get you a lot of exposure, both short and long-term.

Personal Blog
This is a no-brainer. To market today one simply must have a personal blog that is dedicated to their business. The personal blog can be thought of as a “meeting place” for your group of associates and friends. This is where you post articles for training, notices of upcoming events, product or company notices, videos etc.

Personal blogs are an indispensable tool that you need. The blog is where you build a relationship and credibility with your group and prospects. People that are interested in your business are interested in getting to know YOU, not the company, not the compensation plan, not the fancy flash video. They want to know who you are and what you can do for them This whole thing is mainly to showcase your uniqueness and your own personal value. After all, you want to stand out.