Make Money From Blogging – A Personal Approach

Blogging is one of the forms of websites that is supposed to be serving the purpose of updating a certain audience about the news of someone or something. This form of blogs is now the least one around thanks to the fellow affiliate marketers who took blogs out of their context and built thousands upon thousands of fake blogs to deceive their readers into buying something they don’t want or don’t need

This way to make money from blogging is totally unethical and I will not be surprised if within months a new law will come out with strong enough penalties to stop this kind of cyber crime that not only hurts the individuals economy, but also ruins the reputation of the honest affiliate marketers who don’t approve this method.

It’s time to get things back to normal and stop the evil from spreading on the Internet. In the following few paragraphs you’ll read the outlines of a new approach on how to make money from blogging in a way that enriches the web with knowledge instead of deceiving the readers