Seven Deadly Sins of Company Blogging

We all know that blogs, when used properly, can be excellent tools for promoting your organization and expanding your client base, while providing insight into the interworking of your company They are also an effective way to generate organic search engine exposure, and with the right content, quality inbound links for your website.

However, blogging is not something to be taken lightly, isn’t right for every organization, and if done incorrectly can actually harm your company’s online reputation and branding. Below are the 7 deadly sins of company blogging and what you can do to exorcise those demonic blog traits, and convert to an angelic blogosphere existence.

Lust – It is a craving, an overwhelming longing that often leads to self indulgent behavior. Your company’s blog is not the place for self indulgence; it is not the forum for promoting your personal desires. Your content needs to consistently reflect the wants of your organization, the goals of your company. This doesn’t mean you can’t add some personal insight to your posts, as a good writing voice can add humor, create a connection with your readers and generate interest in future posts. But don’t use them as a sounding board to express your undying love for all things Star Trek, photos of that flashy new sports car you purchased to compensate for that receding hair line, or to declare your undying man crush on Tom Brady.