So What is a Blog Anyway?

You’ve probably heard people talking about their “blogs” and using terms like “I was blogging about it”. So for the uninitiated what is a blog and how do you use one?

Blog is short for weB LOG and is really an online diary The term weblog first appeared around 1997 and it was the next step in online technology from the “personal” webpage. (As with any relatively new term there still remains some disagreement on what is and what isn’t a blog and when it first appeared). It allowed people to update more easily and more frequently than a traditional webpage without having to learn any complicated coding. From just a couple of people linking to sites they liked and “blogging” about their lives, there was an almost overnight blog explosion, with the result that today there are literally millions of blogs from all corners of the world. Most blogs are focused around some kind of specific theme or topic, but some are just a mix of everything !

As humans we seem to be compelled to share information, sometimes for the right reasons sometimes for purely egotistical reasons. Having a blog makes it easy to share this information and because people can choose which blogs to read and keep up with you can often create a very loyal audience. While blogs initially started out on a more personal level, increasingly people are starting to use them as a business tool, in conjunction with their website.